Five reasons why you need an air purifier

Did you know that your indoor air quality can be up to five times poorer than the outdoor air? Poor indoor air quality can affect concentration, energy, and sleep. Fortunately, Mill has a solution.

Indoor air quality is often much poorer than most people realize. This can be due to number of factors, such as outdoor air pollution, pollen, combustion sources, building materials, chemicals, and airborne diseases. One many think poor indoor air quality can easily be changed by simply opening a window and get fresh air in, but the problem is that the indoor air can also be contaminated by particles from outside.

1. Ensures clean air in the home

Have you ever experienced a headache or felt tired when you notice the air inside your home is stuffy? Maybe you’ve even encountered dry and itchy skin? Clean air is a prerequisite for good health and with a Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier you will experience a noticeable difference in your home air quality.

– Briefly explained, our air purifier can help ensure clean and healthy indoor air in your home, Mill’s Product and Marketing Manager, Cecilie Stang-Lund, tells us. The Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier does this by filtering out harmful particles in the air that are bad for your health and replacing it with purified fresh air. The air purifier can remove even the smallest particles, helping reduce airborne bacteria and viruses. This not only includes common colds and influenzas, but also dust, pollen, mold spores, animal dander and smoke particles. Our air purifier also removes toxins and harmful gases (TVOC) that can come from furniture, cleaning products, paint, and yes, even toys.

– I was surprised of how high the TVOC levels were in my children’s room. This could be due to all their toys, which I have become aware can emit toxins harmful to our health. I don’t want my children exposed to this, and when I started using the air purifier the TVOC levels dropped quickly, she says.

2. Removes bad smell

Unpleasant odours create unpleasant atmospheres, especially in our homes. Typical unpleasant odours in our homes can derive from musty cellars, problematic drains and even cooking. No one wants the fragrance of fried fish, for example, to linger throughout the week! The Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier helps eliminate such odours so your home can be invitingly odour-free to whomever enters your front door.

3. A new spring for pollen allergy sufferers

Spring is a troublesome season for many who suffer from pollen allergies, and the Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier works to make their everyday more pleasant. Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier allows spring to come in through open windows as it removes pollen particles that come through.

– When pollen season is at its worst, it is good to know a person’s home can be a safe haven from pollen, says Stang-Lund.

4. Clean and fresh air in the bedroom

The Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier is distinguishable from other air purifiers on the market as it efficiently cleans 99.97% of harmful particles and gases in the air while quietly fitting into the background.

– Often one must choose between performance and noise level when choosing an air purifier. An air purifier either cleans the air well or runs quietly, but rarely ever both. What is great about our Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier is that it takes both qualities into account, ensuring the benefits of clean air without a disruptive noise for the user, Stang-Lund tells us.

For these reasons Mill recommends their air purifier is used where large parts of the day are spent indoors, particularly in the bedroom. Clean and fresh air contributes to good sleep quality, which is essential for feeling rested and productive.

5. Smart and user-friendly

Maintenance-fee and smartly aware of when its filter needs to be replaced, the Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier is undoubtably user-friendly. Most air purifiers have a timed filter change, meaning you can end up unnecessarily replacing the filter long before it is full. The Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier will only ask you to change the filter when necessary.

6. Familiar style

Mill is known for its minimalist and stylish Scandinavian design, and the Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier is no different. Perfectly fitting into every modern home, the air purifier comes in two sizes: smaller for bedrooms and larger for more spacious living areas. Each size has integrated WiFi, so you can obtain a full overview of the air quality in your home via the Mill app. This gives you the opportunity to see how much air is being cleaned at any given time, and which particles and gases are present in your home. You don’t need to be technically inclined to use this smart function, regardless of what kind of router you have you can easily connect the air purifier to WiFi via Bluetooth. The Mill Silent Pro Air Purifier is a smart, stylish, must-have for those who interested in obtaining clean indoor air quality.