Control all your heaters with the Mill app

At a Glance

Mill app

To make your life truly convenient we are offering fully WiFi integrated heaters, where the temperature can be controlled with the touch of a button in the Mill Norway app. By using the app you can control different locations (home, offices etc) and as many heaters as you want. The app is free and there are no hidden costs.

Available for iOS (Version 8 or newer) and Android (version 4.2 or newer) devices.

Home screen

Overview of all your Mill devices.

Select the location you want to control. 

Switch between multiple houses.

Share your house with other family members.

Add unlimited amount of heaters and devices.

Overview of all the independent devices connected to your house. It shows if the heater is ON or OFF and the status of the timer.

Access to settings.

Weekly programme

  • Set up a weekly programme and tailor the temperature to your daily routines.
  • Select exact time slots in the roll-down menu.
  • Swipe up and down to adjust the mode blocks.
  • The colour codes on the screen show which mode you have at different times:
Orange = Comfort, Purple = Sleep, Green = Away, Grey = OFF

Holiday mode

  • Activate vacation mode to reduce your power consumption while you are away
  • Set the time and date you leave and return.
  • Just before you come home the Mill app will automatically increase the temperature, so that you arrive to a nice and comfortable house


  • All heaters connected to the same room will follow the same programme and temperature.
  • The temperature shown at the top is the registered temperature for the room.
  • Override the programme for each room if needed. An override will not edit the programme and will go back to normal mode after the desired time set for the override.
  • Access to the power consumption statistics with a mini graph showing the trend in your consumption.

Power consumption statistics

  • The statistics function shows the power consumption for all your Mill devices

  • Makes it easier for you to have full control of the electricity bill

  • Track the temperature in each room.

Device screen

  • See the status of the heater. If the internet is down or there has been a power breakage the status will switch to “offline”

  • Set the desired temperature when the heater is controlled individually

  • Activate “Control Device Individually” if you do not want this particular heater to follow any programmes

  • Power indicator is orange when the heater is using power

"Fantastic! Cut the power bill in two by connecting all the heat sources in the house via this app."

- User


System Requirements