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Minimize energy consumption without compromising comfort with The Mill App and intelligent wattage control.

Mill WiFi heaters provide comfortable heat in the most energy-efficient way

The Mill Generation 3 WiFi Heaters are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as PID control and machine learning. The heaters come with integrated WiFi allowing you to control the heater with the user-friendly Mill App. No hub needed.

Direct electric heaters convert all the energy input into heat. To save energy, it is therefore important to control the output. This new technology optimizes the wattage and controls temperatures in the most precise way, providing heat only when and where needed. The PID control works as a “dimmer” replacing the traditional on/off thermostats. The predictive heating learns your unique home environment and knows when to start to heat to reach the desired temperature. Energy loss, unnecessary residual heat, or overshoots are minimized. With the Mill heaters, you do not need to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency.

The Mill App allows you to remotely control the temperatures and energy consumption per room per hour.

Schedule each heater according to your daily routines and the heater does the rest. To make it very easy, there are preset programs and modes for vacation, sleep, and away. You can also remotely control several houses and as many heaters as you like. This will help you to avoid wasting energy while you are away or at night. In the statistics, you can easily monitor the energy consumption per heater. With Mill WiFi heaters you will always come home to a cozy, comfortably warm house, or cabin without wasting energy.

“It does not get easier than this; to achieve the right temperature at all times, and at the same time reduce your power consumption,” says Bashir Naimy, Head of IOT.

Scandinavian design is recognized for elegance in its simplicity and for highlighting natural beauty.

These qualities are incorporated to create modern heating solutions that are appealing, minimalistic treats for the eyes with the power to bring Scandinavian comfort into your home. With its soft, rounded corners and gently curved front, the heaters blend into any modern home. The portable heaters rest on elegant aluminum feet iconic to Mill. The panel heaters float almost invisibly on the wall. 

An energy-efficient immediate plug-and-play solution in the green transition?

For homeowners, many of the solutions presented for moving away from fossil energy sources, require substantial investments and modifications of the house.  Mill’s Smart Electric Heaters offer a relatively financially savvy and immediate solution, allowing for incremental installation without the need for extensive modifications or a full system overhaul. Whether heating specific frequently used rooms or targeting cold spots, investing in these heaters offers a quick solution to reduce reliance on gas heating, eventually leading to cost and energy savings in the long run.

Solar Panel Compatibility

Mill Generation 3 Wi-Fi Heaters are perfect to combine with solar panels. The household can easily control the energy consumption and add a wattage cap in the Mill app. This solution becomes eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Certified Efficient & Cost-Effective

Backed by a Norwegian University of Science and Technology study, a 600-watt Mill Heater with embedded new technology consumes as little as approximately 52 kWh per winter month, demonstrating unrivaled energy and cost efficiency. Mill has launched an energy consumption calculator where you can calculate an approximated expected energy consumption with Mill heaters in your home: Energy consumption calculator – Mill (millnorway.co.uk)

“Equipped with the latest technology, the Mill heaters become a very energy efficient, comfortable and flexible solution for homeowners looking for additional heat or replacements.” – Per Robertson, CEO Mill International.

Other features:

  • Easy connection with Bluetooth that automatically connects the device to your WiFi network, regardless of the type of router you have.
  • The Wattage cap ensures the heater operates within a set power range. This optimizes energy use while maintaining a comfortable temperature.
  • Open window function that switches off the heater automatically when a window is opened.
  • 100% silent operation due to silicon control – no clicking sounds when the temperature goes up and down.
  • Low surface temperature
  • Commercial lock for landlords
  • OTA (Over the Air) updates allowing future features to be added to your heater.
  • Easily install yourselves wherever you need heat.
  • Long durability: 5-year warranty and 10-year repairability
  • LOT20 Compatible – EU efficiency standard

Safety features:

  • Child lock
  • Tip-over switch
  • Over-heat protection

Mill WiFi – Enjoy a comfortable home with Scandinavian-designed heaters without wasting energy